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Crypto Trading Platform Talks About Bitcoin Mining and How Blockchain Works

Crypto Trading Platform Talks About Bitcoin Mining and How Blockchain Works
Roughly every 1o minutes or so, a miner who works through his or her node (computing power) on the network, would do their best to solve a block that has the latest transaction data listed via a cryptographic hash function. The purpose of this function is to translate it into a string of numbers and letters. Have you ever heard of a URL shortener like That is how it works. You can input as much as you want and still get the same unique output according to a local cryptocurrency exchange expert.
Once a miner manages to solve a block by making use of a cryptographic hash function, they would send out this information to all miners and then receive their reward for doing so.
Following is the process for mining Bitcoin:
     Within the Bitcoin network, new transactions get broadcasted
     Miners will then gather their transactions to organize them in blocks that would be set in the order they were initially received.
     Computer programs are then utilized to solve cryptographic problems, which is also referred to as a process that is termed as proof of work.
     The proof of work is what miners use to show they spent a significant amount of processing power to help them validate and complete a batch of transactions.
     For the block to be acceptable to all miners, it must consist of valid data and proof that the bitcoins in the block have not spent previously.
     Miners will express their acceptance of the work delivered and carry on to set up the next block by using the relevant cryptographic hash function of the previously accepted block.
     From there, the entire process we just explained would start all over again.
At the start of the mining process, they awarded 50 BTCs per block, then halved it to 25 BTCs, and split it again during 2016 to 12.5 BTC. The next halving will follow during 2020.
What types of cryptocurrencies are made available to new investors and the pros?

Types of Cryptocurrencies

Every other coin that made its debut since Bitcoin made its start merely is referred to as cryptocurrency. Mostly, you get two types, namely:
  1. Altcoins
  2. Tokens


There are Bitcoin-derived blockchain coins, then there are Native blockchains altcoins.
  1. The first set of coins are a fork of Bitcoin, meaning they are built using Bitcoin as a base, then changing the underlying code that will result in new currencies such as Namecoin, Peercoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin.
  2. Native blockchain coins - These are not derived from Bitcoin’s protocol, but formed their own protocol and blockchain to support their own currency. Examples of these would be Waves, Nxt, Ethereum, and Ripple.
Visit if you are not sure whether a given cryptocurrency is a token or a coin. Look for a currency symbol, and you will notice a tag labeling it as a token or coin.


These are utilities or assets that are built on top of other blockchains - usually Ethereum. The tokens have no value by themselves but represent an asset that is considered tradable.
Organizations make use of these to raise capital by selling a token through an ICO. Once the project becomes successful, the token will rise in value and provide early adopters with a sizeable return.

Token Types

After a lot of digging, it was discovered there are 7 major token categories. Even though the majority of ICOs would regard their tokens to be utility tokens, each one of these would have their own particular features.
Following is a list of the tokens:
  1. Utility tokens - They represent future access or use to an ICO company.
  2. Asset tokens - These are tokens that stand for a physical product or asset.
  3. Debt tokens - Expected interest or profit income is being realized from a financial product or underlying currency.
  4. Security tokens - They are also known as tokenized security or equity tokens that act as shares
  5. Reputation tokens - They are given a reputation or marker and can be seen as a score of a person.
  6. Reward tokens - Companies offering discounts would often make use of these.
  7. Stable coin token - They would hold a stable price value during times of price volatility.
If you are still stumped as to how these work, then get in touch with your local cryptocurrency exchange for more information.


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